Let’s get it started..

I have been thinking of this blog for a while now, and although is not my first blog, is always a challenge… I never used WordPress before so am still new with all these features and stuff, but I’ll try to catch up soon…

As WordPress suggests in the tagline under the title when you subscribe, it’s “just another WordPress blog”, of course it is, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be something interesting, anyway I’d love to write about my two biggest passions: travels and photography but also about everyday life. I’d like to share things have done and seen, and maybe get some new ideas for things to do and see in the next future..


2 responses to “Let’s get it started..

  1. Buon inizio tesoro 🙂

    Ho talmente tanta voglia di leggerti che mi sa imparerò presto l’inglese ❤

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