Autumn in Bruges..

If you really want to enjoy the autumn atmosphere there is a place on this planet just perfect for that: Bruges, a small town in that small country called Belgium..

Bruges is really fascinating.. I went there in October 2008, on a Sunday to be precise. It was a cloudy day, as usual in Belgium. When I got off the train I immediately understood that I was in the Flanders, every sign was no longer written in French but in Flemish (Dutch), and also the people didn’t look French anymore..

To go to the city centre from the station you have to go through a tree-lined road, where you can admire all the beautiful colours of the autumn. That’s why I love so much autumn, nature is so colourful in that season…

Anyway after that path close to all these magnificent trees you reach the built-up area with all these little shops selling chocolate and souvenirs, and souvenirs made of chocolate… I got the impression to be in a fairy tale, “Hansel and Gretel”, with these little and coloured houses and all these sweets in the shop windows.

Then from “Hansel and Gretel” you move to “Robin Hood” with the medieval courts and towers covered by climbing ivy all over..

Through these little roads among the houses you finally get to the main square where elegance and antiquity are perfectly combined in some masterpieces of architecture.

Then suddenly back to modernity I stumbled in the Museum of Fries. Can you believe it? I mean, Belgium is well-known for its fries all over the world, but even a museum dedicated to it?? I was amazed, seriously! Anyway I didn’t get in, I was kinda scared of what I could find inside… The story of potatoes or how to fry them?! Lol…

After that, my friend and I decided to have a coffee and a dessert in a very cosy cafeteria, where we had another taste of the local pride. In fact we asked the lady for two cappuccino, a piece of cake and a pain au chocolat, but we asked in French. She looked at us (I guess she understood we weren’t French) and then politely answered in English… Yeah, we just made a huge gaffe!! Anyway… cappuccino and desserts were lovely.

And if you really don’t want to miss anything, take a boat trip on the canals. It’s really amazing, you get to see the oldest houses in town, the weeping willows gently touching the water… Just make sure to have a scarf and to be well-covered because is freezing if you do it in October/November as I did!


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