I amsterdam

When you think of Amsterdam, inevitably the first thing that comes to your mind is Cannabis. Well… believe it or not, I didn’t go to Amsterdam to consume Cannabis, I went there because I was curious and because I love cities with canals…

Curiosity is always a good reason to take a trip… even in the village close to yours, you never know what you might discover. Something funny or weird like in this case…

Anyway we left with a coach Eurolines from Mons, Belgium, destination Amsterdam!!! We got there after the expected time, we got a bit lost but then we found the hostel whose entrance was filled up with smoke… (and it was my first time in a hostel… nice start huh?). After paying we went upstairs to leave some stuff in the 8-beds room and then out, to explore the city….

After that I have just few blurred souvenirs… if it was for the smoke in the entrance or because we did a tour de force trying to see as much as possible in few days I don’t know…

I remember a pillow fight in the main square with loooot of people, Anne Frank’s house, lot of bycicles, the Van Gogh Museum with no discounts for students (they know that you going to see it anyway even if the price is high, at that time it was 15€), the Rijksmuseum, the red light district and that’s pretty much all… 🙂

Visiting Anne Frank’s house and somehow experiencing through videos and images what she has gone through left me with a lot of sadness. After having read her diary at school you have an idea, but there you really get to know what meant to her not to walk around the house during the day otherwise they would have heard the noises on the wooden floors, not to listen to music or even talking, basically not doing anything that a girl of her age usually does. It was quite sad.

The Van Gogh museum was amazing… there was a temporary exhibition about his paintings representing the night and I really loved it!! And the Rijksmuseum is very nice if you’re interested in Netherlands history.

I’d love to go there again one day and visit it without rushing.. I enjoyed the walks along the canals… the atmosphere is magic.


6 responses to “I amsterdam

    • It’s an interesting city.. many things to discover (other than the condoms, lol).. you should definitely go if you have the occasion… I wanna go again cos I think I didn’t have enough time to enjoy it properly..

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