London: South Bank

You will hear me talking about London a lot, not only because I have lived there for a full wonderful year, but also because I loved that city every single day of my stay.

Usually Italian people complain about the British weather, but come on, it’s London, who cares about the weather!!

Today I want to share with you how much I loved walking along the Thames, so our destination is South Bank. I used to go there every now and then just to clear my mind, usually getting off at Waterloo Station or London Bridge and walking.

The last time I went there before leaving London, a summer day, there was a festival going on even though I don’t remember the name. There were lot of families with children around, mainly because there was a sandy playground, where kids could make sand castles and stuff. It was weird to see this “beach” in London…

As usual close to the London Eye there were artists of every sort, mimes, dancers, painters… and I love to spend some time observing them, it’s amazing.

Going towards Waterloo Station there was a huge stand with second-hand books, very nice to practice photography, shadows and light were quite difficult to put together without too much contrast…

Anyway, I love the atmosphere of that place.. People there seem forgetting their everyday life, they just want to enjoy the nice weather with their beloved and be happy, without any problem or thought. But in case you need to think you have the perfect place..

And then you see lot of tourists, you can catch conversations in many different languages and try to guess where the people are from. Observing people is an interesting way of spending time and I love to look at their faces while looking at the London Eye, they are like kids at Christmas with that huge smile on their faces.

Once, few years ago, an old man of my village told me “it’s nice to see a young girl greeting with a smile”… after that I always enjoyed seeing people’s smiles.


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