Barcelona: Arrival and #Day 1

Last summer a friend of mine and I decided to go to Barcelona for a weekend after having dreamt about this trip for almost a year… She was in Italy and I was in London so we tried to find two flights that arrived in Spain almost at the same hour…

Going to the airport was already an adventure, I took one of those couches that don’t stop on the way but we found quite a lot of traffic, so I wasn’t even sure to get to the airport on time. But I made it!! A Ryanair plane London Stansted – Girona was there waiting for me 🙂

On the plane I was sitting close to the window (usually I always choose that seat even tho I fall asleep after few minutes and I wake up while landing) and guess who was my neighbour? A little girl, aged 9-10, who loved to talk, and she loved to talk to me. Unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish and the only thing she knew in English was “Happy Birthday”, so after telling me happy birthday a couple of times she gave up and she started talking with another kid sitting in front of us and with her daddy who was already telling her not to bother me… As foreseen I felt asleep after few minutes and I woke up when we were already seeing Girona… The kid was very excited so the daddy who spoke some English told me that it was their hometown and then asked me where I was going so I told him I was directed to Barcelona and he said it would have taken another hour or so by bus…

Once landed, I waited at the airport for my friend, who was supposed to arrive 40 minutes later than me…. And then we took the bus to Barcelona!! The bus stops in the northern part of the city and when we got there it was past midnight, so since we didn’t know how to get to our hostel we asked to a taxi-driver if the metro was closed. He did not speak one word of English so he told us in Spanish that the metro was closed, we tried to ask then how much was to get from there (we didn’t even know where we were) to our hostel and he told us (always in Spanish) 10, 15, 20 euro… it doesn’t matter. We tried to ask with the few words in Spanish we knew if it was 10 or 20 cos there is a difference… and as a result he took our baggages and put them in the boot. So we had no choice… We got into the car and then he was asking us which corner of the street was the one we needed. Now, it was clearly our first time there, how were we supposed to know which corner we needed?! Lol… Finally we got to the Lullaby hostel and there at least there was a guy speaking English… we cheered up.

Our room was an 6-bed mixed dorm and when we went in we have been welcomed by a guy with his huge belly completely uncovered and a noisy snore. There was nothing to do but laugh.

The morning after, after having breakfast, we were ready to visit the city. The weather was a bit cloudy so we decided to do the cultural things that day. Our first destination was the Sagrada Familia and of course to find it, we got lost… We could see the spires of the church from where we were standing, but then walking along those streets we lost them. After checking a couple of times the maps at the bus stops we got there and noooooo, an infinite queue was waiting to go in. It was so long that we said ok, let’s try to come earlier in the morning next time, so we took some pictures from outside and then we took the metro, direction Parc Guell.

On our way up we bought a sandwich and a fruity cocktail that was fantastic. Mine was with kiwi and banana, I don’t remember the name of the shop but it is on the way with all the escalators… You shoud definitely try one of those cocktails. Walking and looking around we got on the top of the hill, from where you can see all the city (I love those panoramic points) and then we went down to reach the center of the garden… while getting there we stopped for a while to listen to a group of amazing musicians. As you might have understood I love street artists…

Then we spent some time sitting on Gaudì’s benches looking at the people and chatting and then we started to go down to the entrance of the park since we arrived from behind…

Since we had walked quite a lot we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon on the beach, and although it was cloudy I managed to burn myself. You won’t believe this, in the evening I was purple and am not exaggerating. What’s wrong with the sun over there? Lol…

On our way back to the hostel, we took La Rambla, the street that connects  the Port Vell with Plaça de Catalunya and we stopped by in La Boqueria, a well-known food market. I love markets so we stayed there for a while even though some stalls were already closing down… But there were enough to take some colourful pictures…

Then back to the hostel, shower and out again to taste something typical, Paella, Olé! Then we were too tired to get a taste of the nightlife so we postponed it for the day after and we went back to sleep…By the way, the only positive thing of the hostel was that on the same street there is also Casa Milà, one of the famous Gaudì’s masterpieces, that at night is even more spectacular..


9 responses to “Barcelona: Arrival and #Day 1

  1. If you ever want to revisit Barcelona (a weekend is not nearly enough time), you should check out the Gothic Quarter and the Raval, on either side of the Ramblas. The streets perpendicular to the boulevard are super fun to get lost in, there are charming squares, stores and restaurants around every corner. The MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art) is also around that area.

  2. Beautiful photos; you’ve made me want to go back to Barcelona! It’s such a beautiful city with a really vibrant atmosphere and you’ve let me re-live my visit there.

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