Barcelona #Day 2

Our second day in Barcelona started with another attempt to get tanned (although I was already purple) and with a nice lunch on the seafront…

We took some tapas in one of those little restaurants on the promenade… Seafood and patatas bravas… hmm delicious!!

After lunch we decided to go to Montjuic, a beautiful hill with a fortress on the top, from where you can see a beautiful panorama. On the way to the station we enjoyed some samples of street art..

To reach the top we had  to use the funicular and I was scared… Anyway, once on top I didn’t regret it. We spent all the afternoon there, because in the internal court of the castle there was a concert played by students of the conservatory of Barcelona. The music and the view combined were great!

After that we wanted to go to the Fundacion Joan Mirò but it was about to close, so we went down towards the Palau Nacional…

…and there I felt in love…. with the Magic Fountain!!!!!! (I wanted to write a post just about that cos I took over 100 pics of that only!!) We checked the time of the show and even though it would have been almost two hours later we decided to wait, the stairs to get to the palace were already getting crowded so we just sit there and waited. When the time came I saw the most beautiful show of music and colours ever!

After that and over a hundred pictures taken we went back to the hostel to relax a bit after all day out and I had to put lot of refreshing cream cos I was literally burning! And then we went out again to have dinner and we ate some tapas again in a place not too far from the hostel cos we were exhausted.


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