Barcelona #Day 3

On our third morning in this beautiful city we checked what was left to see and since there were not so many things left we adopted a more relaxed attitude…

We went to finally see the Fundacion Mirò, that personally I didn’t like that much, but it’s just because am affectionate to other art styles.. After that we decided to take a tour in the Gothic district and just look around…

We entered in the Cathedral, after spending 20 minutes in front of it to try understand if we had to pay an entrance fee and if we were covered enough… Am not a fan of churches but I do admit that this one was very nice, above all the cloister which contained lot of plants and trees and also a small lake with swans…

Then, it took us a while, but we managed to visit the Picasso Museum, of which I don’t remember much if I have to be honest, when we got there it was already 5.30pm and we had walked all day!!

In the evening we went to the Port Olimpic, where there is a huuuge sculpture called Peix d’or if am not mistaken and we had a lovely dinner (French cuisine though) at the restaurant “Crepérie Bretonne” which, as the name suggests, cooks these tasty crepes… hmm worth to try… and the decorations inside the restaurant are amazing 🙂

Then, despite the long queues, we decided to try and get in one of those clubs on the beach… It was quite overcrowded but the music was good… it was too hot inside so we spent lot of time on the external terrace…

…and then tired enough from the long day we went to look for a bus or the metro and we finally manage to go back to our hostel with the intention of getting up early to visit the Sagrada Familia…. but this is another story 😉


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