Ardennes, Belgium

I shouldn’t be writing since am in class pretending to be listening to a very boring lecture 🙂 But anyway… today I want to tell you about a weekend in the region of Ardennes, in Belgium. The region is characterised by small villages with castles and very old houses, lot of forests and countryside and beautiful stone cottages…

The trip started on a Friday when we left from Mons, three cars, thirteen people from different countries, lot of food and drinks in the boot and the will to explore the region during the weekend. As usual the weather wasn’t very encouraging, quite coldish, but that didn’t stop us…

Few hours later we were completely plunged in the countryside, looking for the cottage we rented through internet.. and then we found it! This very typical stone cottage with a courtyard in the front and a garden in the back… So lovely!

The interior was even more interesting, the kitchen filled up with home-made jams, the living room with a fireplace in the corner, that we immediately lighted up and the rooms upstairs… Since we were there with quite a lot of Spanish people who most of the times they offered to cook, we discovered some Spanish cuisine, chorizos and other stuff…

The next day was a raining day but we decided to go and explore one village around there… and eventually during the day the rain stopped. Our first destination was Durbuy, “the smallest city in the world”… I loved it, with these small routes through the old houses and wisteria in the gardens… very characteristic.

Later on the same day, we went to visit a cave… it was amazing!! I don’t know how deep it was, but quite a lot!! Was quite scared when we took the tiny wooden staircase to go up and reach the exit… but anyway, it was a delightful experience at the end, when i got out safe 😛

The day after unfortunately we had to go back to Mons, but on our way back we didn’t want to miss the chance to see a very nice-looking village of which, as usual, I don’t remember the name…

I love cities with rivers and water… they create a better atmosphere and make the place look magic somehow… We took a walk around the village, ate some ice-cream and then back to Mons (of which I will talk about later on 🙂 )


2 responses to “Ardennes, Belgium

  1. The Ardennes region is one place I’ve longed to visit. Your travelogue has rekindled my desire once again! Also, being a WWII info buff, I know there’s a lot of history around there. Not to mention the Spa Francorchamps racing circuit. Hope to visit this place soon!

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