Christmas dinner

Yes I know, it’s a bit late to talk about Christmas, or too early, it depends on the point of view 🙂 but anyway I wanted to share with you some pics I took last Christmas..

Like most of the people in the world, I was home for Christmas, with my family (dogs included 🙂 ) To me is not really important to celebrate Christmas in its religious meaning, but I like the atmosphere, the will of the people to get together and be nice to each other, even though it should happen all around the year not only at Christmas…

My favourite part of these dinners are usually set the table nicely and prepare the appetizers… My brother doesn’t appreciate them much, because when he’s done with them he’s not that hungry anymore, he also likes to say that the name itself reveals their nature, in italian they’re called antipasti, whose literal translation is anti-meal, against the meal… I always found it funny… but actually the true story of the name, or better the etymology of the word comes from latin, where is the combination of two words, ante meaning before and pastus meaning meal… There’s always something to learn about languages… It’s fascinating, don’t you think?

Anyway, going back to the dinner and the appetizers, my mum prepared these tasteful vol-au-vent with Capricciosa salad (made of carrots, celery, mayonnaise and something else) and a prawn on top… Delicious!!

And we also filled some plates with olives, pickles, pickled onions and anchovies, open sandwiches spread with mayo and ham, salami, or butter and salmon… As you might have noticed appetizers are a great asset for the italian cuisine, we love to eat them but we enjoy even most to prepare them…

As far as the table is concerned, I love to decorate it with napkins in different shapes, this time it was kind of fan-shaped napkins… Last but not least, inevitable at Christmas, a candle in the middle of the table…

I didn’t take pictures of the rest of the dinner because too busy eating, lol, but I took a picture of the fruits.. Since I find the classical fruit salad a bit boring, I like to put together some fruits (from bottom to top: pineapple, orange, kiwi, banana) in a different way… it’s also a method to avoid the “cutting-all-the fruits-in-small-pieces” process 😉


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