Dreaming of… Africa

This is not a trip I’ve done… but is a dream trip. I’ve dreamt about Africa for years and still doing it. Everything started with the books of Wilbur Smith, although I’ve read just few of them, but those descriptions of wild landscapes, of uncontaminated forests, deserts, savanna and the animals, OMG am dreaming of watching lions, elephants, gazelles and giraffes in their own environment…

And then I started looking at pics on the internet and reading articles and searching info, my wish to go there has grown more and more, it’s like if Africa was calling me…

But if I go there, I’d like to go not as a simple tourist, or at least not only, I’d like to do something useful, some kind of volunteering or similar. Am looking for info every time I can, and am still hoping to find a project that suits me, not too expensive since I have a limited budget, but something that can be good both for me and for someone else. Sometimes we need to feel useful,  we need to help the others to find ourselves. And that’s what am looking for, something to go beyond my own limits, as in something that could remind me to appreciate what we have…

When I see pictures of African children the first thought that comes to my mind is not how poor and pitiful they are, but how happy they look, even without having the basic things to leave, they always have a smile to offer, and we civilised and “rich” people… we’re so poor inside.. we’re so busy thinking of us and our problems that we even forget to smile. I don’t want to forget to smile… not anymore.

I think a trip to Africa would open my mind and somehow change me so I really hope to be able to realise this dream one day. Wish me good luck 🙂

All the pictures in this post are taken from https://www.facebook.com/pages/AFRICAN-VOICES/265628161638?sk=info, facebook page of http://www.africanvoices.it


5 responses to “Dreaming of… Africa

  1. All the best! If you do end up making it to this great continent, be prepared to leave your heart here. My heart will always be in Africa, no matter where else I call home…

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