Things to do during your trips if you want to write a travel blog afterwards and things to remember while you write a post…

When I started writing this blog I didn’t think it would have been so difficult to tell people about my travels, because I lived them and I know about them, I know what made me laugh or being disappointed, I know that I found a beautiful café with delicious pastries or a cheap restaurant somewhere in that city rather than the other, I know that the park not indicated on the tourist map is one of the nicer just because there are no tourists in it but the problem about all these things is memory… If the trip is not so recent you tend to forget details, like names of places, mainly bars/café/restaurants, addresses, indications on how to get there or about prices/entrance fees, etc…

So my first tip for me and for everyone with a short-term memory is:

#1 write down on a notepad names of places, addresses, name and price of your favourite dish and everything you might not consider important at the moment but that you will think about it later on.

Another problem occurring to me in every post I write is the selection of pictures, usually I choose the pictures after writing the post so am not conditioned by the choice in what I write, but at the end am influenced anyway because am already thinking of the pictures I want to post in between, so the result is that the post is not that fluent or coherent, but is just an explanation of the pictures or something not very relevant… so the next suggestion is

#2 forget about the pictures when writing a post, concentrate only about what you’re writing, try to talk about your emotional memories of the trip, not the visual ones, posts will be much more interesting (I’ll try to apply this tip from my next post about a trip)

These days I have read (and appreciated) some blogs on WordPress and the ones which interested me the most were those with a lot of personal impressions about the place, the culture, the food, the language etc… I found quite boring the ones saying “I saw that, visited that, done that”, I prefer to read about something funny happened in a restaurant than a list of monuments so what I would suggest is..

#3 write about something that you really liked or hated, about anecdotes, about personal impressions, about language and culture… not only about monuments, for that travel guides are more than enough…

In my posts I like to put pics that I’ve personally taken if is a trip that I’ve already done and that represent places or objects that I found interesting,  but this is not a rule, I think that everyone has its personal taste and say for this particular aspect..


18 responses to “Things to do during your trips if you want to write a travel blog afterwards and things to remember while you write a post…

  1. Lovely post. I really agree with everything you say here. Personal impressions, people’s own stories are so much more engaging that a checklist. I’ve always kept a little moleskine journal when I’m in Italy. It seems to come out if I’m eating out alone. A sort of invisible dining companion.

    • Thanks, so if I have understood correctly I have to copy the pic of the blog award, nominate 15 ppl and write 7 random things abt me? Does it work like this? Sorry for the stupid question but am still new in this blogging world 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by, and I sure liked your blog. I take quite thorough notes while traveling and taking photos, but am in too much of a hurry when posting so I don’t take time to go back and look at my notes. I suspect if I was better organized with my notes, it wouldn’t take much to find the info. This was some great information. Thanks for the encouragement in how to make the blog more interesting. Keep it up!

    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thought. My problem is that I don’t take notes (but I’ll start to do it!!) and then I forget the names of the places, like cafés or restaurants mainly… and it’s a pity because they could be useful for suggestions to friends and other travellers 🙂

  3. 😀 I have a small notebook in my purse and my camera bag. Agreed! A very necessary tool even when I google search for more information when I’m back at my desk I need details to enter into that search bar to be most effective.

    • I have lot of these small notebooks, but I always forget them or just leave them in the bag without using them, but I should really start to write down things cos when I come back and I want to write about something I don’t remember names and other details… Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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