A crazy afternoon at the lake..

Last year, late in the summer, one of my best friends and I decided to go to spend an afternoon to the Kaltern Lake, in the North of Italy, which is not far from where we live… She picked me up and we headed off… the way is not that long, but since we live among the Alps, we had to go down the mountain, and this means that there are never-ending hairpin bends.. and by the way you have to do the same street to reach all the main cities so we were quite used to it…

We finally made it to the lake and as civilised people do, we paid for the parking and guess what? We noticed just after putting 2 or 3 Euro in the machine that after 4.30 pm you don’t even need to pay, we should have just put the equivalent of half an hour if I remember right that should be 0,50€ so we overpaid for nothing, and the machine never gives you the money back… Usually when we are together we’re not that attentive so this kind of things is always happening, once is the parking, other times something else… but we always do something wrong, lol

After laughing for the parking event we went to the bar, and following my friend’s suggestion I got a bowl of pineapple ice cream, with pineapple slices and whipped cream on top…. It was delicious, believe me! And the view made it even more enjoyable.. We spent some time there chatting and looking at some pictures I had printed out and then we decided to go on the small wooden pier just in front of the café..

Since we both like taking pics there we triggered off our imagination taking pictures of every object from different perspectives, a duck passing has been our model for a while, then the cane thicket, the sailboats and whatever was moving in the lake… we have fun easily 🙂

We stayed one hour or more there relaxing, chatting and taking these stupid pictures… but the silliest part of all the afternoon had still to come… On our way back to the parking we noticed a tree, but not a normal tree… it was kind of weeping willow, with those thin branches with leaves coming down to touch the ground…

There we really had fun, we were children again, pretending to be like mother nature with the longest and greenest hair ever seen… We laughed so much, even because there were other people passing by with their cars and they were just looking at us like we were fools… and probably we were and we still are…

On our way home we stopped for some artistic pictures of the sunset, I love sunsets and its beautiful colours…. It was the perfect end for a wonderful afternoon.


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