Last day of Carnival in Nice

Yesterday night I went out with two of my colleagues, and friends as well for the last night of the Carnival in Nice.  We went out around 6.30pm and took a bus to the city centre.

Once there we decided to go for dinner to an Italian restaurant Al Barattolo that I had already tried few weeks ago… They welcomed us with a glass of rosé wine, it was kind of champagne flavoured with raspberries…

Then they gave us the time to choose and it wasn’t that easy with all the delicacies on the menu but eventually, since I haven’t eaten pizza for a while, I decided to get the pizza Parma, with tomato sauce, mozzarella, ricotta (a typical italian cheese), cherry tomatoes and Parma ham (that apparently is not easy to find in other restaurants in Nice), one of my friends chose pizza as well, while the other chose a risotto with mushrooms, that looked very nice in her plate…

The dinner took a while since we were chatting a lot, and then around 8.30 we headed to the square Masséna where, as we understood, there should have been a show of some sort, but of course there wasn’t any, just lot of people walking around and enjoying the atmosphere of the feast coming to an end… After walking around the square for a while the panoramic wheel caught our attention, and although I’m not a fan of heights we decided to take a ride… and it wasn’t that bad! I enjoyed it… You could see all the coast thanks to the streetlights… quite a nice panorama, even though it was a bit too dark to fully enjoy the view..

Anyway, while on top we noticed many people going toward the Promenade des Anglais, the huge street along the seaside… and then we knew, they were trying to get the best position for the fireworks. After five or six tours on the wheel we went off and on our way to the beach we stumbled into a Chinese show with a dragon and two lions.. I was lucky enough to be there with my Chinese friend who explained  me that the show was a metaphor of Western world vs China, the dragon represents the Western World whose presence in China has been constant during the last centuries while the lions apparently represent China who has been asleep for a long time but that now is awakening… It sounded like a threat to me, but anyway we were there to enjoy the show…

After following them for a short while, we tried to make our way through the crowd… And then the fireworks show started and for fifteen minutes the sky was filled up with colours and shapes and magic…

People, from kids to elderly, were smiling looking stunned to the sky… I love those moments, when people are too fascinated to even talk….

And when the last firework faded away the crowd started moving again, and it seemed like it has been in a sound sleep for ages… Immediately noises, laughs, talks invaded the night and we slowly headed home, enjoying the memory of those colourful moments still in our minds.


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