When a dream comes true.. Keukenhof.

If I read the magazines from back to front why should I tell you about my study trip from the beginning? I want to start from the end of it, from something that I loved and that wasn’t even in the schedule 🙂

When I got the program of the study trip I saw that on Saturday morning, last day of it, I would have been free.. Few months before a friend posted on Fb something about a parc with millions of flowers, and guess what, this parc is in the Netherlands. It didn’t take me two seconds to link the two things, morning free parc. Checked the prices, the “How to get there” and the forecast. This one wasn’t promising anything good but nothing could stop me, I was so determined to see this place that even a tornado wouldn’t have stopped me.

Here we go, Saturday morning I woke up at 7.00 in The Hague, packed all my stuff because the departure to Berlin was scheduled at 2pm and brought it down to the reception. I had a lovely breakfast and then went to the train station, direction Leiden. 12 minutes on a train and I was in Leiden, went out of the station with the goal of finding the bus station, which is just in front. Checked the bus schedule but didn’t find what I was looking for. So I look around and then I see it, a signal with flowers drawn on it saying bus to Keukenhof. The queue was quite long but I didn’t give up and then the bus came. Had to stand all through though because too many people were going there. Anyway, 30 minutes later I am at the entrance of Keukenhof, where a crowd of people was standing and waiting for their various group leaders.

For whom doesn’t know what Keukenhof is I could describe it as the paradise of flowers, the homeland of tulips, a jubilation of colors and perfums worth seeing it. And is open only 2 months per year when the flowers are in blossom, so now you understand why I was so determined to see it, I was too close not to take advantage of it and go seeing it! Otherwise I should have gone from Berlin which is not very cheap.

Anyway, I look around and I see that there are a couple of tills for individual entrances, so I buy my ticket and finally I am in! Well… You can’t understand my happiness and my excitement when I started seeing flowers all around me, of all colors, sizes and types. My camera got wild, I took more than 300 pictures in 2 hours, close-ups, panorama, general view… Wow, amazing! I had so much fun, just me and my camera! I didn’t have much time to dedicate to each section of flowers because I had to be back in the Hague by 1, so had to speed up all the process…


I also stumbled in one of my favourite flowers…

Anyway, I really love some of the shots I have taken, no space here for all but you can admire some of them.

Around 11 it started raining and since I had already seen a lot I decided to start going back to The Hague, again had to wait for the bus and then the train. The weather in The Hague wasn’t as bad so I took some pictures there too, but will probably post them in another post.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


11 responses to “When a dream comes true.. Keukenhof.

  1. Great planning pays off! Brava! i’m really glad you fulfilled your dream. You’ve got some wonderful memories to go with all the beautiful photos…

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