Besiktas Street Market, Istanbul

Although I know it might be a bit late, I don’t want to miss the chance to take Ailsa’s challenge up! She has been proposing themes for the last few weeks if am not mistaken, but only this week I decided to take part!

The travel theme of this week is Street Markets, and I actually love street markets, that’s why I couldn’t avoid doing a post on that! Moreover it gives me the opportunity to write about a wonderful city: Istanbul!

The pictures you find below have been taken in the district of Beşiktaş, on a Saturday morning.

That’s fresh fish indeed!

Just after taking this picture, these two ladies looked at me like they wanted to smash my camera!

I love the colours of these pics!

This guy looked so bored, standing there, nobody buying and the only activity he could do was looking at the people passing by… and taking pics! 🙂

Beşiktaş is a lovely district, very lively and colourful, with lot of people at all times of the day, lot of shops and stalls which sell everything, from clothes to housewares, from accessories of all kinds to vegetables, fruits and fish. The open market is mainly for food, although you can also find scarves and some other pieces of clothes. And there are some good Turkish restaurants too… hmm I get hungry only thinking about them! Anyway… enjoy the pics!


11 responses to “Besiktas Street Market, Istanbul

  1. Love it, Istanbul and street markets go hand in hand, those pomegranates look sooo tasty! So glad you joined in the travel challenge this week 🙂

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