Travel Theme: Rhythm

Ailsa was right. I found lot of rhythm in Prague, a bit less in Budapest.

The thing about Prague is that there are two kind of very different rhythms.. one is the rhythm, or rather, the sound of silence. It’s quite impressive, a touristic city full of people walking in every small street and bridge should be noisy or at least is what you expect, but instead Prague is very peaceful and quiet. You walk around and you don’t hear any noise, you don’t hear people talking or being loud, you can just enjoy your walk, the wonderful views and the slow pace of the city.

On the other side, on Charles Bridge, one of the main touristic spots, and in some other corners of the city centre there is the rhythm of the street artists…different instruments, different kinds of music that give a magic atmosphere to the surroundings 🙂

But still, the best rhythm I’ve heard and enjoyed was this group in Barcelona, Parc Guell. With their music, they really gave me an inside into the Spanish rhythm and way of living…

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5 responses to “Travel Theme: Rhythm

  1. Love it, you joined in the travel challenge on your travels, isn’t Prague wonderful? You got some great shots of music on the streets, and that group in Barcelona are fabulous! xxx Ailsa

    • Yeah Prague was wonderful 🙂 Will write a bit more about it as soon as I have time… 🙂 I missed your travel theme about oceans, don’t have experiences of oceans, yet! 😦 Am curious about the new one though, hope to have time and inspiration! xxx Eli

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