Travel Theme: Parks

Ailsa‘s – proposing a new travel theme – writes:

The subject of parks makes me sit back and consider not only what they are, but what they represent. The history of parks is the history of mankind moving away from nature. For 99% of human history, we lived in harmony with nature; we were part of it. Then we surrounded ourselves with bricks and put concrete where grass used to grow and we called it progress. At that point, we realized that we actually missed the green stuff and introduced parks into the concrete jungles we had built, so in a way, parks are an admission that we got things wrong.

She’s so right!

Even though nature should be all around us and not only in relatively small parks, I love walking around parks!

I wrote a post about an amazing botanical garden in Nice some time ago, you can check it out here and about the magnificent flower garden of Keukenhof (check it out here). Both beautiful places to walk around but both require an entrance fee so I guess they cannot really be considered parks…

My favourite parks (free entrance, lol) until present day are:

#1 Primrose Hill – London

Quiet place & breathtaking view!


#2 Parco del Valentino – Turin

The only park I know that has both a Castle and a Medieval village… You can see some more pictures here


#3 Hyde Park – London

Lovely in Spring!

I love parks with water, be it a lake or a river…

P.S.: In this post I played with post-editing a bit… I don’t like much post-editing pictures but a friend of mine suggested me a website where you can easily make little changes, such as adding borders, increasing contrast and so on… Usually I only add borders and sometimes change the picture from colour to B&W… I prefer my pictures to  be natural but today I had some time to waste, lol.. 🙂


7 responses to “Travel Theme: Parks

  1. Doing a happy dance right now, I love love love Primrose Hill – when I lived in London the view from my bedroom was of Primrose Hill, with the London Eye way off in the distance. My second favourite London park was Kensington Gardens, because of the Peter Pan statue 🙂

    • You had a view on Primrose Hill???? You must be rich then, lol… that area is so expensive! I’ve never been to Kensington Garden, but hopefully I’ll manage to visit this summer… 🙂

      • Not rich, just very, very lucky. Got an amaaazing deal on a flatshare there, couldn’t believe my luck. The only reason I left was because I was moving to the US. Otherwise, I’d still be there. Best view ever! 🙂

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