Street Art in Prague: John Lennon Wall

Ailsa’s travel theme of this week is Art but there are so many types of art that the choice wasn’t that easy. In the end I chose Street Art and decided to share with you the John Lennon Wall of Prague.

This wall was just a normal wall until 1980, when young people in Prague started painting and writing quotes from John Lennon’s songs. Since then it has been a symbol of peace and freedom for the young people of Prague, but also from all over the world, which also contributed to the creation of the wall as it is today. During the years the original portrait of John Lennon has been covered by other layers of painting, however its inspiration is everywhere on the wall… Now it is a touristic attraction as well as keeping its original meaning.

My friend and I stumbled upon it without being actually looking for it… we were going to catch a boat (in the wrong direction) when we saw all these colours and drawings so we stopped by for some pictures…


18 responses to “Street Art in Prague: John Lennon Wall

    • Thank you! I find it interesting too… if you check in my previous posts there is one about East Side Gallery in Berlin, is all about Street Art and memory… quite interesting I think!

  1. How cool! I’ve been to Prague before but never saw this – next time I’m there I will seek it out – thanks for letting me know about it. Great shots too! xxx

    • You will find it in the district of Mala Strana… You probably didn’t see it because is a bit far from the other touristic stuff πŸ™‚ We found it only because we got lost, lol xx

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