Postcards from Italy: Lazise

As I told you in the Weekly Photo Challenge post, on my way
home from the airport my mum and I stopped by the Garda Lake, in the village of Lazise. We wanted to catch the sunset since we both love it…

While going there the sun was already getting lower, so we had to speed up if we wanted to see it setting over the lake…

We parked the car just outside the ancient walls of the village and then we walked through the wall to get inside…

After few small streets filled up with shops and tourists we got to the main square where a lot of people were enjoying their dinners in the typical local restaurants… Turning to the left, we got to the old harbour… so lovely, it really looked like one of those postcards you find in the travel magazines…

The sun was getting lower and lower, so we shot some pictures to immortalize that beauty before it got completely hidden by the clouds…

On our way back we quicklu checked some of the small shops and then we returned to our car. After all it was just a short break during our trip from the airport to home and I was quite impatient of getting home…

In about one hour I managed to take a hundred pictures, but it was really a lovely place, with a nice and relaxing atmosphere. If you come to Italy I reccommend you check it out, is not far from Verona and is really worth it..


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