Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong


Sara at Dailypost proposed the word WRONG to us as the focus for this week, the picture I chose doesn’t need explanations, but I will comment on it below. I took this picture few years ago at the Berlin Zoo. I visited it because the Berlin Zoo is so famous around the world, mainly because of Knutt, the polar bear. But after that visit I promised to myself that I will NEVER go to a zoo again. I felt so bad for those animals, lions and lionesses in particular.. From the picture you can see how bad their situation was, I mean, animals used to run and live in wild open lands, closed in a cage, with people passing by all day, every day. Even worst, the lion was separated from the lionesses and he was suffering so badly… And is not just me imagining it, he was roaring, deeply and loudly. I felt bad for him and for all those animals like him obliged to live in such conditions.

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20 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

  1. Great photo and great post – I agree, I think. Still on the fence about zoos – on the one hand, they do great conservation work and raise awareness… but on the other hand, it sucks for the animals. This has always been a grey area for me.

    • Yeah… some do a good job for conservation of the species… but anyway, for the animals who have to stay there, for how well treated they are, they’r still in a cage… .

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