Sunday Post: Black & White


Thanks to Gilly at Lucid Gypsy I discovered the Sunday Post photo contest, and since this week is Black & White and am a lover of B&W photography I decided to give it a go…

Here’s are my pictures…

I think some cities look better in Black & White, especially when the weather is not that nice, as in these pics… This is Amsterdam in March I think, probably not the best season to go to Netherlands… but anyway, I loved the trip, the city and the company!

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26 responses to “Sunday Post: Black & White

  1. Black and whites are really my favorites.. I might join in on this one. The first picture looks like it’s from about the 1920’s. Very awesome shots.

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  4. hooray and welcome! it sounds like rfljensky will be next to join as well 🙂
    I love both shots, they are just as I imagined Amsterdam to be. Black and white make then very atmospheric, apart from the modern cars in the first one, they could be very old photos.

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