Sunday Post: Reflection

The topic that Jake chose for this week is Reflection. Am enjoying this Sunday Post inspiration so here are my entries for this week!

Lake Carezza, Italy

Lavazé, Italy

I took the last two pictures one of the last days I spent in Italy, in July. These two lakes are close to where I was born and raised. I realized that I have always lived in a beautiful place, but never appreciated it while living there. Now that am far away I appreciate it, though I wouldn’t live there anyway. Love the opportunities a big city offers, there there’s not much to do other than enjoying nature, which is great if you’re on permanent holidays 🙂

By the way, I love the last picture, I never get tired of looking at it. Hope you like it too…


14 responses to “Sunday Post: Reflection

  1. Love your photos. As soon as you start looking for something you can’t find it but then suddenly you remember that you have something hiding away between all the others!

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  4. Great photos! and I agree with you on the last one.
    It’s good to live in a small city like mine where you can quickly get to wonderful countryside, a win win situation 🙂

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