Eat, travel, photograph…

Some of you call me Autumn, some of you think I live in Bruges, which means that name and title of this blog are misleading. As I explained in an earlier post, Autumn in Bruges is just the name I gave to my blog because it reminded me of a movie – Autumn in New York – and because I had the chance to see Bruges both in Autumn and Spring, but I preferred it in Autumn, because of the coloured trees reflecting in the canals and the general atmosphere of the city in that period. (You can read about my trip here) Plus, Autumn in Bruges sounds quite nice to me. However, my name is not Autumn and I do not live in Bruges, so I decided to go for another name. Alas, I cannot change the url of my blog, so that has to stay.

The new title comes from one of my favourite movies and books: Eat, pray, love.Β 

But as I don’t pray that much and I don’t write about love here, I thought to change the name into something closer to what I do which is Eat, travel and photograph!

Hope you like the new title πŸ™‚

P.S.: By the way, my name is Elisa…


22 responses to “Eat, travel, photograph…

  1. Love the new blog name, Elisa. Eating, travelling and photographing are in my top five favourite activities of all time! (napping and writing make up the other two).

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