Sunday Post: Toys

I still have some of my toys of when I was a kid, a doll in particular, that according to my mum I wanted to take everywhere, on every family trip, when I went to sleep at my grandma’s house, when going for a walk, her name is Stefy… I just realized that I don’t have any picture of her, but I remember the afternoons spent talking to her, teaching her (I usually played the teacher part and she was my pupil), combing her hair, changing her clothes. My mum has even knitted some clothes for her, in winter is cold where I live and she couldn’t wear the t-shirt and trousers she had when they bought it for me, she would have frozen…

Anyway, today my favorite toys are soft toys, I still buy them as a gift or for myself sometimes…. One day, a couple of years ago, I was walking by a shop when my eyes got captured by this huge selection of soft toys.. Enjoy!

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7 responses to “Sunday Post: Toys

  1. Wonderful collection of toys. My favorites are stuffed dogs (Basset Hounds and Pound Puppies) ! I love your post for this weeks “TOYS” Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ˜‰

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