When our eyes met I know he was hunting…

It was like the shark was actually looking at me, knowing that I was studying him. One moment he was just swimming around, the next he was coming towards me. I raised my camera, trying to get the perfect shot but his eyes were so threatening that I couldn’t snap the picture I wanted so badly. I have chased that shot around all the aquarium, looking absent-mindedly to jellyfish, turtles and other marine creatures. I was longing to get the eye-contact with the shark since I walked over the transparent shark tank. They made it on purpose, showing it as soon as you get in but making you wait until the end to actually watch him properly. That was such a torturing wait. I had never seen a shark before, not so close at least. Turtles and penguins are lovely, but is the shark that caught all my interest. His look was the hunter’s look, although closed in a tank with other fish, he was trying to look for his next prey – not among the fish, among the people passing by, challenging him with their looks, with their flashing cameras. He was angry and he wasn’t hiding it. He wanted us, we were in his territory and we were disturbing him. He wanted us. Just the glass separating us. Just a small, tiny glass.

Did I scare you? Not even a little huh, hmmm Lol. I must confess. I am just trying to improve my creative/travel writing skills, but since my life is not adventurous at the moment I made it up. Anyway, the London Sea Life Aquarium is really a nice – kids-friendly, not scary – experience to do, maybe not on a Sunday. Waiting for a long queue to get in is worth, but if you go on a weekday am quite sure you don’t have to wait up to half an hour. Once in, you step over the sharks tank, which is quite promising and then you go through lot of smaller fish and marine creatures of all kinds. From Nemo to jellyfish, from turtles to penguins you can admire what goes on in the depths of our oceans.

All the info on how to get there and how to buy the tickets are available on the website http://www.visitsealife.com/London/plan-your-visit/how-to-get-there.aspx


11 responses to “When our eyes met I know he was hunting…

  1. Try a Hop on Hop off bus tour with live commentary. You learn interesting things! I had a very sore foot and it’s all I could do in London! Turns out I fractured it!
    Mme Tussauds – I enjoyed it, but would much rather have gone to Westminster Abbey, or Buckingham Palace
    Buckingham Palace and the park in front
    Covent Garden Market
    The toy shop – I forget its name!
    Thames River cruise to Greenwich
    The Cutty Sark
    Just a few 🙂

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