Things yet to see in London

London is a great city, we all know that. More than ever, this summer it has become a world capital, sparkling and shining as never before. And the longer I stay here, the more I realize how many ‘things’ I still have to see and experience in this fabulous location. So, here I am, trying to write down a bucket list of things to see and to do (probably will write two different posts). Hopefully this list – or rather taking things off it – will be the right incentive to start enjoying London. You are more than welcome to add your suggestions.

To see:

  • The Monument to the Great Fire of London, the entrance is only 3£ so I really have no excuses for not seeing it.
  • The View from the Shard: opening its doors to visitors on the 1st of February is definitely something I would like to do, although booking in advance is not that smart since the weather is unpredictable. Ticket fee is 24,95, which is quite a lot, but hopefully a 360° view of London is worth it.
  • Imperial War Museum
  • Natural History Museum, I am not much into dinosaurs and things like that, but until the 3rd of March 2013 they are showcasing the best wildlife photos from the 2012 Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest and I am very much interested in this one. Entrance to the museum is free, but there is a 10£ fee for the exhibition. Not too bad I guess.
  • British Library. I do love libraries and am quite sure that this one is amazing.
  • Tower of London, but 20£ to get in? Some of these fees are really prohibitive…
  • Kew Gardens in Spring must be amazing, especially since I like macro-photography and flowers. 16£ entrance fee, but sometimes they make offers, so it might become more affordable.
  • National Portrait Gallery. From the 8th of November to the 17th of February the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2012 Exhibition will take place, showcasing some of the best contemporary photographers from around the world. Tickets are just 2£, so it will be probably one of the first things to be taken off the list!
  • St Paul’s Cathedral: I am always reluctant to pay an entrance fee for a church, but I guess is not just any church so it might be worth the 14.50£ fee. Still skeptical though.
  • Westminster Abbey. Same thing and a higher fee: 16£.

I already visited British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern, Sea Life Aquarium, London Eye, Mme Tussauds, Covent Garden, Camden Market, Greenwich so no need to include them. If you have any other idea of – touristic or not touristic at all – places I cannot miss, please tell me.

To be continued with Things to do… Stay tuned!


16 responses to “Things yet to see in London

  1. St Paul’s Cathedral is free if you attend a service – may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I am agnostic, but one of my first London experiences when I moved there was a Sunday service with a choir. Absolutely beautiful. They do not receive funding from the government, hence the fee. it’s a beautiful, austere church, not at all like the Baroque Roman Catholic Churches of the Continent. Well worth a visit, especially to the Whispering Gallery. I also highly recommend the Imperial War Museum, and the Veolia exhibit is a perennial favourite. Definitely go! The Natural History Museum also has an ice rink over the winter months – very festive!

    If you enjoy design, the V&A Museum is a fabulous space…entry to all museums are free in London, so take advantage of it!

    Lastly, the South Bank walk is a wonderful way of spending an afternoon. Start at Borough Market and meander down to the Houses of Westminster. Enjoy!

  2. So much to see in London. You can never get bored there. I love the Covent Garden Market. It’s so interesting to wander through the different stall, maybe have your portrait sketched by one of the street artists, or listen to the buskers who are really good. :).

  3. Great list, and yes I agree that some entry costs are prohibitive. I think the Tower of London is definitely worth it, if you happen to live in Tower Hamlets it is only £1 to get in. If you are into arts I would also add the other Tate Museum in Pimlico to your list. Probably like St Paul’s Cathedral I think you can go along to a service at Westminster Abbey for no cost. If you are still around at Easter there is usually a Good Friday gathering that goes to each of the large churches in Westminster – the Abbey, the Cathedral and Methodist Central Hall. Oh and if you are here next summer the tours that go through Buckingham Palace are also quite expensive but I thought well worth it. Enjoy your stay!

    • Thank you for your suggestions!! I think you’re right about going to the churches for free during a service… Will definitely do that! How much are the tours through Buckingham Palace? I think I would like that. As for the Tate Museum I will consider it! Thanks again

      • I went a couple of years ago, I think it was £17-18 then and has probably gone up each year but as I say it is really worth it, probably partly because it is not available year-round. And the palace is really nicely done inside.

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