I needed a change, so here it is… a complete restyling of my beloved blog! I have been neglecting it lately, so I thought to treat it with a new look, fresher, lighter and ready to welcome new readers and followers!

I have a couple of things to share with you guys. First of all, I have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by KZ, the Eclectic Eccentric Shopaholic as she defines herself. Well, thank you KZ for this lovely award, am honored and glad to accept it! (Check her blog out, it’s too funny to be missed!)

As the other awards do, this one has some rules for whoever accepts it:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2.Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 bloggers (sooo many???) for this blog and link to them.

5. Notify these bloggers of the nomination and the awards’ requirements.


And now part 2..  I miss the sun, when I really like a song I listen to it so many times that in few days I get sick of it, one of my dreams is to walk the entire Camino de Santiago, I hate commuting to Central London by underground – it’s quite stressful to stand among all those people trying hard to breath, I’m working on a new project with my best friend*, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up (am already 25), last but not least I like British food (Sunday Roast is one of my fav) O.0

*more about this below!

Are you ready for the nominations???

  1. check out her travel wishlist, is definitely inspiring!
  2. a 21-years old travel photographer, isn’t it amazing? Did you get the age? 🙂
  3. artistic pictures and a bit of everything, whatever your interests are, you might find a post about them in this blog!
  4. as a real Brit would say: ‘Brilliant’. Great and entertaining posts, love them!
  5. I’ve never considered visiting Russia BEFORE reading this blog…
  6. here you’ll find some interesting shots and tales from Santiago.
  7. one of my favourite readings lately! Great tips for travelling and living abroad!
  8. what to do in …? Great mini-guides for your travels!
  9. amazing blog, great pictures! Love the post about London!
  10. a lovely blog about food, travels and much more!
  11. this amazing Lady has quite a lot of blogs and I actually love them all, but Africa is Africa. Check out the one about Oman and Greece too! Great travel pictures!
  12. A truly inspiring blog, especially her post about Solo travel!
  13. A lovely blog about travel & culture
  14. travel blog, mainly about Spain and also creator of the CBBH Challenge, check it out!
  15. I love her interpretations of photo challenges! They’re brilliant!

I’ve made it, once again! Check these blogs out, they’re worth a visit (more than one actually!).

And now….. Ladies & Gentlemen, am very glad to announce you the creation of a new Blog, To Mother Earth, with Love. This blog is an idea of my best friend Stefy, who kindly asked me to collaborate since we share the same passions in life: travel & photography! We just started it, but we have great plans for this little project! We’re working on it and, although we wrote only the Home Page and the About, I invite all of you to take a look and keep an eye on it! We’ll update it soon with a lot of fantastic articles & much more!



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