Suffering the heat in Egypt

When I landed in Sharm-El-Sheikh I wasn’t expecting that wave of heat winding around you and taking your breath away. Literally away. You can’t breath for a few seconds in that kind of heat. Then you slowly start getting used to it and you breathe every single molecule of that air, so different from the one you’re used to. Every perfume, every smell capture your attention… and you breathe them all.


When I visited the pyramids in Cairo it was just after Midday, not the best time to stand under the burning sun. But the view of such a marvel don’t let the time to think that you’re sweating badly and that you might faint in a minute.


The desert, the real desert, is even hotter. On our way to Dahab my mum and I were melting, during our camel ride even more… No shelter over these smelly animals… And then, I was stuck by fear of falling down so no worries about the heat.


Fortunately in the afternoon we took a bath in the stunning Blue lagoon, near Dahab. The crystalline water was perfect to refresh our bodies and souls. After the bath we lied on the beach for a while, letting the setting sun drying us off.


More about my Jeep Safari in the desert here

*This post has been written in response to ‘Ailsa’s travel theme: Hot‘.


13 responses to “Suffering the heat in Egypt

  1. They’re great – and I know the heat you’re talking about, we used to get at least a week or so of it every year when I was a kid – felt like you were walking into a blast furnace 🙂

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