A traveller’s destiny

Today I’ve read an article written by Alexandra Brueckner, a travel writer, an English teacher abroad but most of all, a traveller. In this ‘piece’ she talks about she became addicted to travel and how she can’t imagine a future without moving from place to place in search of experiences. She’s afraid that at some point in her life she will have to stop somewhere and she says: “the idea that I will have the everyday life for every day of my life is terrifying to me.” She continues saying that travellers are collectors of experiences, and I’d add of memories, which then bring us to the question she poses at the end of her writing: “If the past you leave behind consists of a beautifully erratic path across the globe, how can you not be endlessly plagued by nostalgia?”. In this question in particular and in the article in general I recognized myself, my concerns, my feelings. I miss every city I lived in, walked through, smelt and heard. I often find myself going through the pictures I’ve taken to try to feel the same emotions, I often find myself longing to go back to those same places where I was happy.
To read the full article, please visit http://matadornetwork.com/bnt/im-23-and-afraid-ive-hit-my-travel-peak/#Cdq971k0P1uLbAKe.99


6 responses to “A traveller’s destiny

  1. I just read the article, Elisa, and I must caution you…RESIST the urge to see yourself in there. 23/24 is WAY too young to feel one has ‘peaked’ in travel experiences…it is only the beginning! I don’t know Alexandra or how she approaches life/travel, but if one goes deep into every country and experience, you will Never have the feeling of having ‘peaked’. I hope she
    is becoming fluent in Japanese while there, and traveling the entire country, getting to know regional differences, and local people, not just ticking a box. As I commented on her article, my husband and I met while traveling 37 years ago, and we haven’t stopped. We just celebrated our 60th birthdays this summer (oh my!) in the Pyrenees, going back and forth between France and Spain for 6 weeks. Yes, we look back at those traveling days 37 years ago fondly (I kid you not, you could actually see Europe on $5/day!) and yes, with some nostalgia…but it is part of our montage, we are not stuck there…we bring it forward with us. After that, we spent 10 days celebrating our friend’s birthday at a manor house in England…which, actually, may not be able to be topped. However, I say all this to let you know that experiences are CUMULATIVE…the friend in England…back story…met my husband traveling/fall in love/ get married/move to Montreal/meet friend at McGill/she and boyfriend were traveling/became best friends/now travel with them and their children…Tadaa! Traveling is a Cumulative Montage. To think of it as anything else, is to belittle the experience.

    Whew, sorry it took so long. Just enjoy, and keep taking those FABULOUS pictures!

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