These days I found out I enjoy watching timelapses of cities I’ve been to. In few minutes they show images of the city, but unlike standard pictures, they show the city in motion. Of course, it’s different from being there but they give a pretty good idea of what’s like walking in those streets, visiting those monuments, etc. If you’ve never been in that city, it gives you an idea of what you might want to see or experience, if you’ve already been there it gives you a chance to re-experience the atmosphere, the culture, the life in that place.

Yesterday I was looking for some cities time lapses on Youtube, cities I’ve been to this last year: Istanbul, Budapest and Prague. Let me share them with you…

 * Istanbul *

* Prague *

* Budapest *

Do you like how timelapses represent cities? Do you think they do a good job in giving an idea of cities’ life? Share your thoughts…



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