Happy Anniversary Tube!

The London underground celebrates 150 years since its opening today! For most Londoners the Tube is a daily experience. Commuters spend quite a lot of time on it every day to reach work and come back, however am wondering how many of them (us) know anything about the Tube history… Personally, I don’t know much about it so I read some of the articles posted today to celebrate the anniversary and found out some entertaining anecdotes…

Did you know that…

…wildlife observed on the Tube network includes woodpeckers, deer, sparrowhawk, bats, grass snakes, great crested newts, slow worms.

…London Underground has been known as the Tube since 1890 due to the shape of the tunnels.

…the Tube’s logo is known as “the roundel” (a red circle crossed by a horizontal blue bar)


…in 1924, the first baby was born on the Underground, on a train at Elephant & Castle on the Bakerloo line.

…the phrase “Mind the gap” dates back to 1968. The recording that is broadcast on stations was first done by Peter Lodge, who had a recording company in Bayswater.

…approximately 50 passengers a year kill themselves on the Underground.

…an estimated half a million mice live in the Underground system.

…the first section of the Underground ran between Paddington (Bishop’s Road) and Farringdon Street. The same section now forms part of the Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines.



…Covent Garden is believed to be haunted by the ghost of William Terris who met an untimely death near the station in 1897.

…another station that is believed to be haunted is Farringdon station. The so-called Screaming Spectre is believed to have been a milliner.

…according to TFL, London Underground trains travel a total of 1,735 times around the world (or 90 trips to the moon and back).

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/uk/london/9789966/London-Underground-150-fascinating-Tube-facts.html

The pictures are my own making, the first taken at Embankment and the second taken at Farringdon Station.

Also Google decided to dedicate its doodle to the Tube.


It’s cool, isn’t it?





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