England Travel Bucket List

In the last few days I was asking myself what’s the point to live in a foreign country if I only know – not even entirely – its capital? I mean, I have been in England for a while now, but never stepped out of London and I am convinced that there is so much more out there to explore and discover about British culture & history. Doing some research on the web I found some places that I would like to visit this year – yeah, it’s kind of 2013 resolution – and since they’re not too far from London I shouldn’t be able to find excuses – ‘I don’t have time’, ‘It’s too far’ and so on. So, assuming that I’ll have some free weekends & funds I will be visiting the following:

  • Windsor’s Castle, the world’s largest & oldest occupied castle. Less than one hour away from London is the perfect destination to learn something about the Royal history.
  • Stratford-upon-Avon. Since I started learning English, Shakespeare has played a pivotal role in my Education: I don’t know about English teachers, but Italian teachers rely a lot on his plays and masterpieces for filling up their lessons. Therefore, a visit to Shakespeare’s birthplace is due. Usually there’s much more to see than just the places where he has been so I’m quite curious about finding out that something else.
  • Oxford & Cambridge. Again, Oxford & Cambridge are places I heard ever since I started learning English, firstly because of the names on the dictionaries, afterwards for their famous universities. Cambridge has also a Botanic Garden, which I would be very happy to visit since I love taking pictures of flowers and plants, as for Oxford I’d love to see the Ashmolean Museum which contains works by, among others, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso.
  • Canterbury. All I know about England comes from my early English lessons, I remember that one of the first texts ever treated in class was the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer and, although I don’t remember much about the tales themselves, I think I should pay a visit to the town. It could be an occasion to refresh my knowledge of English literature as well.
  • Stonehenge, Bath and Salisbury. The three often come together in advertised organised tours because of the proximity and the historical legacy they all have. Stonehenge is definitely a must-see, same goes for the Roman baths in Bath and the Salisbury’s Cathedral.

These were the easy ones. Now, on a more dreamy note, there are some other places that would make my travel bucket list, but as they’re further and they require more money am not sure I will be able to make them, at least not in the very next future.

  • Cornwall. I can’t remember a time in which I didn’t want to visit this place. From TV series to documentaries they all showed an amazing land, with beautiful coasts and stunning views. It would be great to spend a weekend there, enjoy the nature in its primordial beauty and breathe a different air. I really hope I can make it!
  • Nottingham. I must confess, I only know this city because of Robin Hood. I loved the Disney cartoon, although in the cartoon it looked like a gloomy city, lol.
  • Liverpool. Some friends of mine have been there recently and told me wonderful things about Liverpool and I read that its docks are a UNESCO Β world heritage monument so I don’t think I need any more reasons to go there πŸ™‚
  • Manchester is quite famous for its architecture which ranges through different centuries putting together old & new in a very fascinating way. Other than that, is a good place to learn more about the Industrial Revolution (which I hated in school).
  • Isle of Wight. What to say? I love water and coastal landscapes and this is a good reason for spending a weekend there πŸ™‚

Would you suggest any other place in England that I cannot miss?

(This post is in response to the DP Writing Challenge: Map it out)


37 responses to “England Travel Bucket List

  1. Just do it! I lived in Great Britain for 2 years a long time ago and I regret not taking advantage of the close proximity to other European countries, as well as the cities and places you noted above.

  2. If you do Bath run, stop at Avebury, you can get out among the stones (can’t do that at Stonehenge). Salisbury is a great place, and the Magna Carta is in the cathedral. The only other place or two, Hampton Court and the town of Rye. Enjoyed both of them as well

  3. Sounds like a great list. I would also add the Lake District (how can you miss the home of Wordsworth?) and the Cotswolds. You can get a very detailed ordnance map and you can take beautiful hikes in the Cotswolds right through people’s properties (as walkers have the right of way in England!). Cornwall is definitely high on my list and hopefully I will make it back there one day! To get more details on this, read Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island. His book will really inspire you!

  4. York! You must go to York. It is quaint, old fashioned and stunning.

    I’m exactly the same as you. I’ve been living in London for just under 2 years and every chance possible I go to Europe. I’m down to my last 2 months in England and frantically trying to see the country that I have said I ‘live’ in. I just got back from Scotland and instead of flying back down, I did a mini trip stopping off in Newcastle, Leeds and York. I’ll be posting about them on my blog soon.

    I also agree with Catbirdinoman, the Lake District is a must too. It’s a great weekend trip with the girls.

    Hope that helps and I hope you get to all the places.

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  6. Great list! Looking forward to hearing more of what you are doing throughout England. I have only been to London too. Have heard so many great things about Brighton and Bath. Happy exploring!

  7. Cornwall is absolutely gorgeous, I hope you can get there. I also really enjoyed a visit to the Devon / Dorset area. Lyme Regis has a great fossil history and area where you can find your own

  8. I’m biased but for some of the finest landscapes three hours north on the train is the Lake District, with good weather (not often guaranteed) its a beautiful place to spend a few days. I used to live in Grasmere, home of Wordsworth and hangout of Coleridge, which is a good base in the heart of the Lakes. Just don’t forget to take your waterproofs!

  9. That’s a good list, but I think you need to add Brighton. It’s really cool there – very cultural, lots of street art, music, concerts, theatre, etc. Plus it’s on the coast and the beach is brilliant! Go there on a nice day, wander along the beach, buy a 99 flake… ah… πŸ™‚

  10. I was born and raised in Nottinghamshire. πŸ™‚ I’ve been to all the places on your list except for the Isle of Wight. I’ve seen it on TV, and it looks really beautiful.

  11. It is almost a year since you wrote this post, hopefully you’ve managed to get a visit in to some of these places. I’ve been to most on your list and there are a few I want to return to and more. London is great but it is nothing like the rest of the UK, and that is a good thing.

    • Unfortunately I haven’t visited any of them. It wasn’t a very good year for travelling because of other things coming up all the time. Hope 2014 will allow me to visit some of those places, am curious to see what’s outside London πŸ™‚ Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts, much appreciated.

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