The Republic of San Marino

The Republic of San Marino, also called just San Marino is a tiny little country inside the Italian peninsula.. It’s kind of weird for me to even consider it as a country since its inhabitants speak Italian (and the local dialect) and they use Euro – though without being a member of the EU but anyway, it is a country indeed, and with a very long history…

I went to San Marino twice in my whole life, once when I was a kid on a family trip and all I can remember is the cannons on top of the castle, the second time was a couple of years ago with some crazy friends…

On our day trip there from the neighboring city of Rimini we just walked around the ancient cobbled paths and had fun looking at panoramas, lack of time and naivety unfortunately prevented us to visit anything like a museum 🙂

DSCN5484 DSCN5517

Erected on Monte Titano, the City of San Marino hosts three towers built in different centuries in order to protect the city and others architectural beauties, such as Palazzo Pubblico, which is now the town hall.

DSCN5497 DSCN5527


The square in front of Palazzo Pubblic offers a great view on the valley below.


Getting there is very easy since it’s accessible by car or bus from the neighboring cities, Rimini and Riccione among others. It’s not far from Bologna and Florence either so if you plan to visit any of those cities you might want to include it in your trip.

PS: since there’s no Italian monopoly, fuel and shopping are cheaper… just saying



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