Just Sara…

In my previous post (Forgotten awards..) I’ve asked my nominees to answer some questions. Sara was the first one to answer my questions and since I loved them, I decided to post some of them here so you can all have a look. Will do the same for the other nominees as soon as they answer…

  • What is your favourite aspect of travelling? Heading somewhere. I might not know where exactly, but it doesn’t matter.
  • What is the best food you have ever had and where? I’m afraid I can’t make a choice. I’ve been to so many different countries in completely different continents and each one was special.
  • What makes a place/trip/experience memorable? The atmosphere, the vibe you get from the place and the people.
  • Best travel experience? I think I’ll say going to the Galapagos Islands. Amazing place. A must see, really.
  • Best encounter while travelling? hmmm, I don’t know. Maybe that time I met an girl from Argentina, also travelling around Scandinavia, and we decided to walk around Stockholm together, sightseeing. Pretty random, we didn’t know each other, but it was a funny day :-D
  • What difference does travelling brings to your life? An open mind.
  • Share a funny or awkward episode happened while travelling… I keep meeting famous people on flights. It’s insane. I think they do it on purpose. […]

Heading somewhere. I might not know where exactly, but it doesn’t matter.” and “an open mind” are my favourite answers. I do share them when travelling and when dreaming about it! Thanks Sara for these gems.

For the full answers and much more check out Sara’s blog!


2 responses to “Just Sara…

  1. It was interesting reading Sara’s responses. I find it intriguing how different people get such varied enjoyment from travelling. Perhaps that’s why we all enjoy it so much.

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