Partner blogs..

Today I found out about this great initiative by Evan at on Carlota’s blog at first… So I sent them both a message to find out more about it.. here’s how it works:

-most cities have only 1 sister city in each country. Let’s leave it like that for now. 1 partner blog in each country!

– find other blogs that would like to be in a partnership with you. It might be useful to be in a partnership with a blogger who blogs on the same things then you do! Find out which country they come from. (they might even tell you the name of their city!) 

– write a brief post on your city (which can be the place you currently live at, a city you are from or a city that you have lived in) and name your partner blogs

– link back to your partner blogs. That’s common courtesy!

– finally proudly present your partner blogs on your own blog!

As Evan says: “Just like cities have sister cities I’d like to find partner blogs all over the world to connect with.”

I think is really great to have a partner blog for every country, not only it opens up endless opportunity of visisbility for both the blogs but also gives you the opportunity to discover new blogs for every place you ever dreamed of!

So after exchanging few mails with Carlota and Evan, I created a page with my partner blogs and posted the badge of the project. If you’d like to partner up with my blog (I’m gonna be an Italian flag even though I live in England at the moment), just drop me a message so I can add you onto my list!

Happy blogging everyone!


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