Traveler’s Essentials

The perfect list of items for the perfect trip!

In Search of Perfect

All travel packing is not created equal. Almost as important as the travel experience itself, what we take on the road says a lot about the type of travelers we are. I hereby present to you three loosely defined (and largely satirical) groups of travel packers – the Tourist, the Functionalist, and the Minimalist.

The Tourist can usually be spotted carrying around two suitcases full of items he thought he needed on the road. In his extensive luggage one can find a plenitude of options – two types of slack pants, three pairs of shoes, a dress, a pillow, a blanket, a half of a pharmacy cabinet, and a hat. It is a miracle the rest of his belongings did not make it in.

The Functionalist is more structured. He knows exactly what to bring for a four day trip to South America, and what to leave at home when…

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