Autograf, a Polish restaurant in London

Yesterday I went out for lunch with my friend Ewa, usually -being young and broke – we always choose McDonald’s or similar to get rid of our hunger, but not yesterday. Ewa proposed me to go to a Polish restaurant in North London (closest Tube station: Turnpike Lane – Piccadilly Line). The restaurant is called Autograf, is very small and looks more like a small family-owned inn than a proper restaurant, but I enjoyed the familiar atmosphere.


I was the only non-Polish person there – I guess non-Polish people don’t even know about its existence. 

The menu is written both in Polish and English and is quite interesting. Not knowing a single thing on the menu, I let my friend Ewa suggest me something very typical and so the choice fell on ‘cabbage leaf filled with mincemeat and rice in tomato sauce, served with mash potatoes’. the tomato/meat sauce reminded me of my childhood, of when my grandma used to prepare goulash.


The ensemble was delicate and tasty at the same time and Polish food was still missing from my food-tasting & foreign flavours collection. The experience was made even more enjoyable by the fact that I was there with my Polish friend who could explain me what was in the different things on the menu..

If you are in London and feel like trying Polish food, you can find Autograf at 488 West Green Road N15 3DA London, they also have a FB page with info and pictures. 

**Picture of the food was taken with my phone, therefore quality is quite low.



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