Fountain of the week

Since I have so many pictures of fountains I’ve decided to post one or more picture of a single fountain each week.

The first fountain I have ever seen in my life, and the same fountain I have seen every day for my first 19 years of life.


Fountain in Carano (TN), Italy

This fountain has seen me playing with my brother and friends for endless summer afternoons when I was a kid, the second basin in particular is full of laughs and good memories. Every time I see this fountain, I know I’m home.



4 responses to “Fountain of the week

  1. I, too, love fountains! Thank you for sharing your sweet memory of playing with your brother and friends…

  2. It’s an interesting one! I was in Krakow this afternoon taking numerous fountain photos but I can’t download them till I get home. Remind me to join in. 🙂

  3. How lucky to have grown up near a fountain–that sounds quite deluxe to a midwestern American! and I like the simplicity of this one. . . .

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