500 followers. Thank you!

I just got the notification that I’ve reached 500 followers. I want to thank each one of you for taking the time to visit my blog. I am glad you liked it enough to decide to follow it and keep reading.

I’m really happy I’ve joined this community, there are some great bloggers here who inspire me everyday.

A special thank goes to my 500th follower, Angie! She’s a fellow traveller who says: “As I look back on the years I spent traveling, meeting different people and looking at wonderful places, I realized that  those moments that captured my life in a click were part of what makes me today. The moments when I took the plunge off a 200 meters gorge, the first glimpse of Taj Mahal, the experience of swimming with the gentle giants, and the first wave that knocked me off the surf board. Those moments are going to be memorable because they’re the ones that took my breath away. If I look at my bucket list, I can say there are more to things to tick off, more things to do, more adventures to follow.”

So, check her blog out, you’ll find some very interesting posts!

It’s great to be part of this virtual world. Thank you all!

xx Elisa


12 responses to “500 followers. Thank you!

  1. Hi, Elisa! Congratulations and it’s my pleasure to be your 500th! You deserve it because your blog is wonderful. Thank you for this special mention. Happy blogging! xx 🙂

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