Where richness is flaunted at every corner aka Monaco

The Cote d’Azur, or French Riviera, is well-known among rich & wealthy people for its casinos, its 5 stars hotels, its multi-million yachts and so on… And although some villages/towns still maintain some of their historic and natural beauty, others have been corrupted by all this money. This is the case of Monaco. I visited Monaco last year, while on a 3 months stay in the much better looking Nice, and wasn’t impressed by the flaunt of richness.


The climb to the castle, the castle itself and the old part of the city are great, old buildings are reminders of  a great past.

DSCN1687 DSCN1704 DSCN1714 DSCN1678 DSCN1705 DSCN1676


But as soon as you look down towards the modern part of the city, you just see a heap of new buildings, one on the top of the other, making what I believe was a beautiful landscape, with hills dipping into the sea, just another city landscape, not even that pleasant in my opinion.

DSCN1669 DSCN1690

For some more flaunt, you can just walk in front of the casino, perhaps the most known around Europe, where Ferrari and Porche are parked, black-dressed concierges stand in front of the door not allowing ‘normal’ people to get in and checking out for whoever doesn’t fit in that world.


What I love about the French Riviera and didn’t find it in Monaco at all, was the simplicity of life, the pleasure coming from simple things: taking a walk along the beach eating an ice-cream, strolling around the city centre with kids and pets, sitting outside and enjoying the Mediterranean climate. All these simple things don’t belong to Monaco, where you need to be rich or to be someone famous just to fit in the place.

Have you been to Monaco? What was your impression? All opinions are welcome!



10 responses to “Where richness is flaunted at every corner aka Monaco

  1. Went to Monaco “a hundred years” ago – it was still ok then but nothing on earth would get me back now. Just look at the majority of people – do they really care or is it more of trying “to keep up with the Joneses” !? There are so many other far more beautiful places nearby.

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