Columbia Road Flower Market

During my quest for new places to discover, I saw on the internet that every Sunday in Columbia Road a flower market is being held. Not only that, but apparently is quite famous. I didn’t know about it before yesterday, but looking at the website and the weather forecast, I was intrigued and decided to check it out today…


Getting off the bus nearby, it didn’t take me long to stumble into people with huge bunches of flowers and following their wake, I finally got to the market. Who would have expected that a flower market could be so packed? While I was trying to get through, people were slowly walking through, stopping every now and then and causing even more congestion. Apart from that, the flowers exposed were lovely and the whole atmosphere was quite pleasant. Small art and vintage shops on the sides and huge stands of flowers. How nice!

I took quite a lot of pictures, although because of the crowd and the fact that I couldn’t stop long by the flowers, some of the pictures came out very blurred. But anyway, here’s a selection of the decent shots 🙂




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