Random thoughts – waiting for inspiration

I had a dream last night, I was somewhere beautiful at sunset, the sky was purple, I was walking along a river until I reached a huge square with a huge statue on the side… I’ve never been in such a place before and I do not recognize it at all. I remember clearly taking a picture of two kids, they were smiling, looking at people praying…

Then I woke up.

I remember thinking of a round-the-world trip and I remember thinking I don’t have the kind of money needed for it. But I have a list of places I would include:

Dubrovnik – Sarajevo – Athens – the Greek Islands – Istanbul – Cappadocia – Australia – New Zealand – Bali – US – Route 66 – Peru – Chile – Argentina – Brazil – South Africa – Rwanda – Botswana – Namibia – Egypt


I do it a lot.

Holidays plans. I am planning to go on a trip with my mum in September. I wanted to go to Turkey, but my mum doesn’t like what’s going on in Istanbul so we opted for Greece. My mum and I have different ideas about the perfect trip. Mine would be: spend a couple of days in Athens and then island hopping, maybe visit a couple of islands. I would have loved to see Santorini and Naxos. My mum wants to spend 8 days on a beach, probably in Rhodes or Crete. That’s not the kind of holiday am looking forward to. Still looking for other options… has anyone of you done a island hopping trip? How was it? Did you use a travel agency to organise the transfers between the islands?

Random thoughts… drinking my coffee and waiting for inspiration. Have a good Sunday..



6 responses to “Random thoughts – waiting for inspiration

  1. You’re not alone. I dream and plot daily. My only problem is fear of leaving my job. Where I work they only allow 2 weeks away at any given time. So I am sadly relegated to one or two destination trips.

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