La Venaria Reale

This heatwave reminds me of a daytrip of a couple of years ago to the Palace of Venaria, a former royal residence not far from Turin, northern Italy. Included in the UNESCO Heritage List, the palace was one of the many residences of the Savoy family.

palazzo st umberto fontana2

Not many people were out in that weather. It was overwelmingly HOT. It was just me and the sun. The path from the bus stop to the entrance of the palace offered some shade, but as soon as the trees leave space to the big cobbled square, the sun hit me again.



The palace inside was lovely, elegant décor and beautifully painted portraits, but what struck me the most were the gardens. I fell completely in love with those perfectly maintained flowerbeds, with the fountains shining under the sun.

Just outside the palace, some doormen were offering umbrellas to the visitors, to repair themselves from the rays of sunshine. I refused mine, I wanted to have my hands free to be able to capture that beauty. Not a great idea if you think that it was probably just after midday and more than 30°.


Anyway, I walked around the gardens, taking in the elegant atmosphere, imagining tea parties with ladies and gentlemen of another époque.

immensità_giardini vista_da_giardini fontana1 fontana+palazzo particolare

The village nearby looks very much like time never passed. Old houses, small shops and cafés, the church of the Nativity reminded me all of a past, gone long time ago.

borgo antico balcone nativity




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