Photographers, I need some advice!

To those of you with a passion for photography, what do you think of bridge cameras?

I wanted to get something for everyday use, better than a compact, rather cheap but with good quality images. I want something manageable, light and easy to carry around.

I was thinking of the Canon PowerShot SX500 IS (16MP 30x Zoom Bridge Camera). Does anyone know/use/have it? The reviews online are quite good…

Would you suggest any other bridge/compact camera for the same price range/quality/use purpose?

Buy it or not buy it? This is the dilemma…


25 responses to “Photographers, I need some advice!

  1. I bought the Canon SX40HS last year and it was the best purchase I’ve made! I was worried about not being satisfied with a bridge and thought maybe I should invest in a proper DLS, but it’s an amazing camera and I can do so much with it. It’s easy to carry around, the image quality is excellent, and you don’t have to worry about having lots of different (expensive) lenses with you all the time. I’d say go for it! 🙂

  2. I ALWAYS buy Olympus – as it is the lightest camera on earth in my opinion – try to check out where to buy and look at the technical – compared to the one you have now

  3. I use the Canon PowerShot SX260 HS, which is a true pocket camera. I consider myself a writer not a photographer so wanted a camera I didn’t have to think about shooting. I get great pictures with it. You can check out my blog to see. All my photos have been taken with it.

  4. Oh by the wasy – I am today 65 years young and I have had Olympus since I was 22 … also other cameras but always turned back to Oplympus

  5. I hope this helps. I just bought a Canon A1400 HD PowerShot and it’s a great little camera, the controls are relatively easy to use especially one handed, though, I’ve found that maxing the zoom does effect over all picture quality (it is a 5x optical w/4x digital for a 20x zoom) but the rest of the photos I’ve taken with it are great! I’ll probably move up to a better camera in the next year or so and based on my experiences with at A1400, I’d absolutely consider another Canon… I have pictures I’ve taken with it on the photography page on my blog. Best of luck with your choice I suspect you won’t be disappointed… 🙂

  6. Oh, bridge cameras. melikes!

    I have a (quite a few years old!) Canon PowerShot A650 IS. I tried other cameras but I always come back to the Canon. It’s compact, fully featured (auto, scenes, fully manual) and very versatile, with good zoom and the funny screen that opens up is very practical for taking shots from difficult angles. I think the model has been replaced by other more recent versions.
    This model (A650) has the option of buying extra lenses too. Not many choices, and I didn’t buy any, but as far as I’m concerned, Canon is a very good choice for bridge cameras. I love the size and how they fit in my hand. Very comfortable to use. The menu and buttons are also very intuitive.
    The A650 works with 4 AA batteries so it’s not extremely lightweight, like other compacts. But I prefer it to having to look for power sockets when I’m on the road 😉

    Some info on the camera:

  7. I think it all depends on what’s best for you. A friend of a friend has a Canon bridge camera and swears by it. It’s capable of taking better pictures than a compact and is less bulky than an SLR. But as I say, it’s whatever is best for you…

    Personally (and to no disrespect to other comments made here that are equally valid), the only times I don’t use a dslr are when either space is very tight or when I don’t want something too obvious – say when going out with friends. A bridge camera isn’t small enough or inconspicuous, so wouldn’t work for me on those occasions. Don’t forget that not all dslr’s are that big & bulky and aren’t that much bigger. They do generally take better pictures though, providing they’re pointing the right way! The other thing to consider is that power zooms and big live-view screens will eat batteries. So if you intend to take lots of pictures you’ll need spare batteries and the space you’ve saved will be filled by them.

    Don’t get me wrong, bridge camera’s are very capable and smaller than than SLR’s. Just think about whether the compromise is worth it for you. Think about times that you want your SLR but can’t for some reason and consider whether a bridge camera would do the trick instead. If it would, most of the time, then go get one. And don’t forget to think about putting the spare batteries somewhere when you do!

    • I need to give it some thoughts. A DSLR at the moment is out of my budget but would love to get one later on, had a Nikon D3000 and was quite happy with it, but didn’t carry it around that much because of the weight/size and it wasn’t even that big compared to other DSLR.

      You’re right about the batteries, need to get some extra if I get that camera.

      I had a compact camera but was very disappointed with it. Most of the pictures were out of focus on the corners, so am not going to get a compact anytime soon, though I’ve tried the SONY cybershot and is quite good, but is it as good as a bridge camera? Not having any experience with bridge cameras, am not able to compare them.

      Will think about it. Thanks for the comment!

      • Do you still have the Nikon, or more importantly the lens? If so, you may be able to get a body-only Nikon which might cut down the cost a bit. I understand your concern with compact’s as they’re not the best, though some are better than others. A bridge camera would usually be better, if not quite as good as an SLR. Anyway, good luck whichever you choose and don’t forget that the most important part of any camera is the person who’s holding it!

  8. I started with a little point and shoot, swapped it for a better one – before bridge cameras arrived on the scene and now have a DSLR. I have often thought of getting something small again to keep with me all the time but worry that I’d get lazy and never take the SLR anywhere! All my cameras have been Canon and probably always will be, they are excellent and I don’t think you cango wrong. I have a very good phone camera – Sony Experia, which does as my ‘always with me’ camera.

    • I used to have a Nikon DSLR and liked it, but didn’t take it with me that much.

      Don’t know what to do, don’t want to spend money on something that is not as good as, but don’t want to spend even more money on something that I’ll use just when I go out with the specific purpose of taking pictures…

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