‘Just Married’ in Rome

Maybe it’s time for me to post some pictures from my last trip – which was almost two months ago. Finally I managed to visit the Eternal City, Rome and it is incredibly wonderful. I had a chance to see some wonderful sunsets and enjoy the Italian sunshine that here in London I miss so much! I experienced food – lots of pizzas – and visited the main touristic spots – Colosseum, the Vatican, the beautiful squares and so on – but above all, I spent some great time with my mum!

This is just a brief preview of posts to come. For today, am just gonna post some ‘Just Married’ shots.

Every time am in some capital city, I find just married couples taking pictures, I usually join their official photographer for a couple of shots. Here’s what I came up with.



One response to “‘Just Married’ in Rome

  1. I have a feeling your accidental subjects are Filipinos in Rome. BTW I do that too. The official photographer knows I am no competition.

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