The city of Love and Christmas: Verona

The post ‘The city of Love and Christmas’ was meant to contain many more pictures but as technology isn’t perfect it didn’t. My phone only picked one picture to upload after I spent 20 minutes or so selecting each of the pictures I wanted to publish. So, let’s start again.

Went to Italy for Christmas to spend some time with my family and since I landed in Milan, mum and I decided to meet half way, in Verona.

Verona, as most of you might know, is the city in which the Shakespearan story of Romeo & Juliet is set, so for many is the City of Love par excellence. I am one of those people, I find Verona very romantic with its cobbled streets, the old buildings, the Roman amphiteathre dominating the main piazza, Juliet’s house & balcony….

This is even more emphasized during Christmas. The Christmas markets in the historic centre give it an atmosphere of a timeless city, the lights make it look like a fairytale… You don’t believe me? Find out by yourself…

And by the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


11 responses to “The city of Love and Christmas: Verona

  1. Thank you for taking me back to beautiful Verona. Even more beautiful at Christmas it seems. So glad you had the patience to start again! Buone feste and wishing you a magical 2014 too!!!! xox

  2. We also love Verona, but have not seen it at Christmas. Thank you for adding the magic with these photos. Have a great 2014 and I look forward to many more of you posts.

  3. Verona…piu bella citta en il mondo. “The most beautiful city in the world” or so my Veronese friends tell me, time and time again. Thanks for sharing. Now I want to go back.

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