Bits and Bobs from Home

Christmas is gone by now, a new year has started… but am still on time to post some Christmas pictures right? I was home for Christmas. Home is a little village in the Italian Alps called Carano (no one knows it, don’t worry if you never heard of it). Home – the village next to it (which you might have heard of, Cavalese) – is a place where Christmas is taken seriously… We’ve got Christmas trees, yes trees. Not just one. Lots. We’ve got lit up snowballs and reindeers at every roundabout..

We’ve got a Christmas crib projected on the Church façade and a crib in front of the Church….


But home (back to my village now) is also a very snowy place, very very snowy…

…and looks more or less like this for about 5-6 months a year…

…or like this when it’s sunny…

1558613_10152070790746676_1155192308_n 1493008_10152070791021676_1971479109_n 1527802_10152070791751676_392185848_n 1543381_10152070790336676_358398883_n

Nice huh?

If you’re thinking of visiting it on your next Winter holiday & want some more info just visit the official website or ask me.  (They didn’t pay or ask me to advert their website or the place, am just doing it out of my heart because it’s a very lovely place to visit).


6 responses to “Bits and Bobs from Home

  1. Lovely place. Never been to Italy during Winter except one time when we were in Rome in November. We weren’t prepared , they said it was extraordinarily cold so never been back during Winter. I’d love to explore more of the North next time. Thanks!

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