A year of reading the world

In 2012 a British writer, Ann Morgan, decided that her reading culture was too anglo-centric – concentrating most on American and English authors – so she thought it would be great to read a book from every country of the world.  Amazing project I think! Her mission though turned out to be quite difficult since many books are not available in translation but she managed to get them somehow. To choose what books she would read she involved her followers on Twitter and WordPress and asked for suggestions.

The result is a great list of books from all over the world…

What kind of readers are you? What do you read most?

I mostly read Italian and English writers but I’d love to expand my reading culture so will certainly ‘steal’ some of the suggestions Ann received. Any great book you want to suggest? I can read in English, Italian and French and prefer to read the original version whenever I have the choice.  Being a translator myself I know how things can sometimes get lost in translation.



3 responses to “A year of reading the world

  1. Great idea 🙂 I try to extend my reading but rarely buy books, so it depends what’s on the library shelf, but I try to keep a “hit list”. (you know they usually involve travel of some kind- but not always!)

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