Breakfast at Caffe d’oro

North London is full of hidden gems: cafes where you can chill whilst drinking coffee and eating breakfast. In my case, it’s drinking cappuccino, eating breakfast and blogging. Nice way to start a Sunday morning, makes me wonder what comes next….

Anyway, today my bf and I decided to bring our laptops along and chill at Caffe d’Oro in Edmonton Green Shopping Centre for few hours before deciding where to go next.

2014-02-02 09.05.52

The atmosphere at Caffe d’Oro is chilled & multicultural with a majority of Turkish customers. The tables are spacious and comfy with enough space between one and the other. Love the orange walls, wish I could have them at home too.

2014-02-02 09.06.18 2014-02-02 09.06.30

We ordered our large cappuccinos and believe me, it’s one of the best cappuccinos you can find in London. With all that foam…

2014-02-02 09.05.43

On the menu there are plenty of choices for breakfast, from the classic English Breakfast and Eggs Benedict to more multicultural choices like this Mediterranean Breakfast (olives, Mediterranean sausage, cucumber, tomatoes, feta cheese, honey and toast) or omelettes (ham & cheese with a side salad).

2014-02-02 09.14.15

2014-02-02 09.14.36

You can also get lunch though, they have a huge variety of paninis, pasta & salads and other food. Their smoothies are also delicious!



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