Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Show.

Short on ideas of where to go for the next vacation? No worries. The Holiday & Travel Show have plenty of ideas ready for you!


Held once a year at Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre, the Travel & Destination Show is a place where to fill in your travel bucket list. With stands from all over the world & all kind of travel operators (adventure, family, luxury) you certainly find something to suit you.

IMG_0188 IMG_0218

To be honest, the stands I liked the most were not the ones with plenty of brochures, I can read all that stuff online! The ones I liked were the ones showing something of the specific culture they were representing, even if it was a single object as in the case of the Brazilian Carnival embellishment.

The most represented areas were Africa, Middle East and Australia. Not much about Europe I’d say.

The added value to the show was offered by special exhibitions from dancers and musician from selected countries. Unfortunately I only managed to observe two of them since was there just for few hours.

I also enjoyed the Wanderlust Photo Gallery, combining my passions for photography & travel. Here are some pictures of the pictures…

IMG_0190 IMG_0189 IMG_0219

Did I gather inspiration from the show? Definitely. Did I make up my mind on my next trip? Not yet. Did I reconsider places I was not considering before? Absolutely!

And just one last tip:



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  1. Wow that must have been fantastic! I see that Explore! were there, they’re a great company. You’ve taken lots of Morocco pics, have you been or is it on your list?

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